Clean Pro+ Probe Wipes H34 150

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Clean Pro+ Probe Wipes H34 150

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Clean Pro+ Probe Wipes H34 150

Professional hygiene systems. Ready to use. Impregnated wet wipes for the disinfection of temperature probes. Suitable for frequent cleaning of temperature probes. QAC and alcohol free. Passes requirements of BS EN 13697. Probe wipes.

Directions for Use For the wiping and disinfection of temperature probes used in food preparation and cooking operations. Unscrew cap and carefully remove foil. Pull wipe from centre of roll and push through hole in cap. Replace cap onto container. Open lid and remove a wipe. Once removed, close lid to prevent the drying of the other wipes. Wipe temperature probe and leave for a minimum of 5 minutes before food contact use. Safely dispose of used wipe. To avoid contamination, only use each wipe once.


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