Clean Pro+ Floor Gel Lemon Concentrate

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Clean Pro+ Floor Gel Lemon H27 Concentrate 5 Litres

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Clean Pro+ Floor Gel Lemon H27 Concentrate 5 Litres

Professional hygiene systems. Easily removes light soiling. Provides a slip-resistant shine when burnished. Suitable for frequent use on all hard floor types. Leaves a fresh lemon scent.

  • Clean Pro Plus Floor Gel Lemon contains amongst other ingredients: Less than 5% Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Perfumes,
  • Also contains: d-Limonene

Directions for Use To clean sealed, hard floor surfaces leaving a fresh, lemon scent. This product is intended for frequent use. Dilution: In Mop Bucket: Use 90ml (3 shots from dispenser pump) of Floor Gel Lemon to 5 litres of warm water. Application: Apply to hard floor surfaces using a clean mop and allow to air dry. Once dry, the floor can be burnished to a shine if required. When diluted this bottles makes up to: 55 x 5 litre buckets


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