Clean Pro+ Daily Toilet Cleaner H36 1 Litre

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Clean Pro+ Daily Toilet Cleaner H36 1 Litre

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Professional hygiene systems. Removes limescale and helps prevent further build-up. Specially formulated to cling to the bowl for deep cleaning action. Keeps toilets clean and fresh smelling. Daily toilet cleaner.

  • Clean Pro Plus Daily Toilet Cleaner contains amongst other ingredients: Less than 5% Anionic Surfactants, Perfumes

Directions for Use – Ready to Use A daily use toilet cleaner designed to cling to the bowl surface to clean and remove limescale, containing a blend of Citric Acid and Surfactants. Application: Flush the toilet and brush if required before use. Push water around toilet u-bend with toilet brush. Gently squeeze the bottle, directing the jet under the rim and around the bowl to give an even application. Leave in contact with the toilet bowl for 2 minutes before brushing and flushing again. Do not use/mix this product with any products containing Bleach.


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