Clean Pro+ Glass & Multi Purpose Cleaner H18

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Clean Pro+ Glass and Multi Purpose Cleaner H18 Concentrate 1 Litre

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Professional hygiene systems. Removes dirt and grease from glass and hard surfaces. Features a non-smear formulation. Suitable for polishing stainless steel surfaces.

  • Clean Pro Plus Glass and Multi Purpose Cleaner contains amongst other ingredients: Less than 5% Non-Ionic Surfactants

Directions for Use A concentrated product specially formulated to provide smear free cleaning of glass and stainless steel surfaces. To Dispense Product: Loosen but do not remove cap from dispenser bottle. Squeeze bottle to fill dosing reservoir to required level. Remove cap and pour liquid into required container. Keep transfer tube on dispenser bottle uppermost whilst pouring. Repeat until required amount of concentrate is dispensed. Ensure cap on dispenser bottle is tightened after use. Dilution: Fill trigger bottle to the fill line with water and add 30ml of Glass and Multi Purpose Cleaner. Application: Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe away immediately using a clean, soft, lint free cloth or paper towel. For small areas, apply directly to the cloth and then wipe onto the surface to be cleaned.


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